Manage and visualize data in Notion

Manage and visualize data in Notion

Data visualization in Notion

Improve Your Data Management in Notion

In established companies, efficient data management and seamless workflow integration between platforms are key to business success. Notion allows powerful integrations to add a visualization layer to your workspace experience. In this post, we are exploring some data management features with Notion connected to other platforms.

Using Notion as core source of truth in your organization will generate tons of data items. In order to process them, we can connect Notion databases to other tools due to access information in a more accessible way in the workspace. Below, you will find some use cases and feasible connection with specific platforms to do it.

Data visualization

Integrating tools like GRID, Notion VIP charts or notion2charts turns complex data into understandable, visually appealing dashboards sync in real time, transforming your Notion databases into interactive charts and graphs, making data analysis at your organization more insightful.

Captura extracted from belowtion CRM Suite using GRID.

Database Management

Integrating Notion with platforms like Airtable or Google Sheets, unlock database features such as backup management using a two-way sync integration. If your organization requires both database management and visualization features you might consider using one of those tools to cover the whole functionality, reducing technologic complexity.

Platforms to get started