Notion templates for agencies & startups

Notion templates for agencies & startups

How Notion can upgrade your workspace as an agency or startup

In today's fast-paced digital world, productivity is key for the success of any agency or startup. Finding efficient ways to manage tasks, collaborate with teams, and organize information is crucial for staying ahead of the competition because in today’s society, knowledge is the only competitive advantage.

This is where Notion comes into play.

Notion for teams and business means customizable ways to build work, from templates full workpaces, Notion offers digital agencies and startups a powerful tool to enhance productivity and streamline workflows like never before.

Streamline project management with tasks

One of the biggest challenges for digital agencies and startups is managing multiple projects at the same time. Notion provides a structured way to approach project management with native templates, allowing teams to easily plug-and-play their own system.

To create a project management system in seconds, just create a new teamspace and select the project and tasks template — you can also include sprints.

Those are the basics to track progress, and collaborate. You can find thousands of equipped, original templates, in the Notion Official Template Gallery that will fit your specific use case without any doubt.

Notion for teams is about knowledge access

Nowadays we are used to consume a large quantity of data and bits daily and sometimes it feels difficult to avoid that noise. Notion stays in the knowledge side of the business, storing the relevant information that the team has to keep up with — for instance, a sales campaign or a product epic.

Whether it's client data, competitor analysis, or marketing strategies, Notion templates allow you to create databases, wikis, and repositories that can be easily accessed and updated. By having all relevant information in one place, team members can save time searching for documents and focus on more valuable tasks.

As well as we advised to use the projects and tasks databases, we encourage you to try the wiki database to store pages and databases in a whole new way.

Notion is more than a PM tool for the business

Today, Notion si more than just a tool when it’s adopted seriously by teams or individuals. If we compare with tools we have used in the past to manage documentation, web sources, and text items, it clearly stays apart from Trello or Microsoft apps because its versatility to get the job done in a flexible way.

I believe that the job-to-be-done that Notion solves is way beyond common software tools — manage epics or sprints; it’s more about helping user find their best productive version in a clean and organizative way to showcase their work in front of the rest of the team.

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