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Why should I use a CRM in Notion instead of other solutions?

Building a custom CRM in Notion offers several benefits over other CRM software:

  1. Flexibility: Notion lets you create a CRM tailored to your specific needs. You can customize it with databases, fields, and views that match your unique business requirements.

  2. Integration: Using the Notion API, you can connect your custom CRM with other tools and services like form providers or SMTP providers. You can also use native integrations like GRID for data visualization, or connect with various platforms through Zapier.

  3. Collaboration: Notion's features make it easy for teams to work together, enhancing remote work and transparency.

  4. Dashboards: Notion includes visualization tools like dashboards to help you manage your CRM data effectively, such as tracking the aggregated amount in a specific pipeline stage.

  5. Cost-effective: Building a custom CRM in Notion eliminates the need for expensive CRM software licenses. Notion's subscription-based pricing, which includes free options, can be more cost-effective, particularly for digital agencies and startups.

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See belowtion store.

See belowtion store.